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Lecture in “Challenges of a Sustainable Energy Future: Energy-Environment-Economy
February 2010

Jatin Nathwani, PhD, PEng.,
Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy for Sustainable Energy
Faculty of Engineering & Faculty of Environment
Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy
200 University Ave West
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1
tel: 519 888 4567 ext 38252
fax:  519 888 4359



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Dr Jatin Nathwani will explore the cross currents that shape the issues and policies related to energy, environment and the economy. Provision of a reliable supply of energy services, accessible and affordable to all, forms the bedrock of obligations and requirements incumbent upon governments and the energy sector. Equally compelling are the considerations and drivers of policies to ensure long term sustainability, prudent management of risk, environmental impacts and strategies for promoting improved quality of life.

A framework for understanding global and North American trends will be described. Key issues, risks and uncertainties affecting Ontario’s power sector will be identified. The opportunities for universities to make an important contribution to the challenges facing




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