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Lecture in “Assessing the association between long-term ambient air pollution exposure and mortality using spatial cohort studies
January 2010

Rick Burnett
Environmental Health Surveillance
Health Canada
50 Colombine Driveway, Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K9 Canada
Telephone :  613-952-1364


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It is now widely recognized that exposure to combustion related outdoor air pollution is a contributing risk factor to the exacerbation of cardiopulmonary disease and death at concentrations currently observed in Canada.  Pollution in both the particle and gas phase has been linked to health effects. Atmospheric pollutants covary in both space and time due to common sources and meteorology.  The independent role of individual pollutants and sources of pollution have thus not been clearly identified, making the development of cost-effective mitigation strategies challenging. Epidemiological approaches to understanding the role of atmospheric pollutant mixtures will be discussed.  Some recent results based on studies of both short and long term exposure on mortality are presented.        



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